Cathexis Volume 1Cathexis Volumes 1 + 2
The first collection, and therefore the oldest music in the RRRC project. Here you will find the roots of the processes and methods that I built upon through the rest of the project. Track names are more often 'descriptive' than 'meaningful' or 'poetic,' but may also refer to the filename/source of the original .wav files used in their creation.

Cathexis Volume 1 track list:

  1. Atmosphere
  2. Radio Ah
  3. hi v1
  4. Glassine
  5. grind
  6. Sci-Fi Soundtrack
  7. pulse percussion 1.2.2
  8. TF
  9. Yet Another Ant Movie
  10. Floating In My Office
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Cathexis Volume 2 track list:

  1. For Now
  2. pulse percussion 2.1.1
  3. glassine 2
  4. Atmosphere2
  5. agnus3
  6. sci-fi ambients
  7. Today - Total Logic
  8. warm air
  9. TF.out
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Three SuitesThree Suites
Three related multi-piece song cycles that were all created in one creative burst following the initial sketchings of the Cathexis works.
The first, 'unLab,' is about process: each successive track of the suite is a re-working of the piece before it.
The second suite, 'Bonestell,' is inspired by the space art of Chesley Bonestell (1888-1986) and is intended as a soundtrack to the early space art, space exploration (particularly the Mercury and Gemini missions), and the Cold War that drove the Space Race.
The third suite, 'Main' takes its name from the ambient/atmospheric band of that name. Although this suite does bear resemblance to the "drumless space" of that band, the track titles will also show you that I'd been reading H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine," around that time.

Three Suites track list:

  1. unLab
  2. unLab2
  3. unLab3
  4. bonestell 1 - Before
  5. bonestell 2 - First Steps
  6. bonestell 3 - Across the Stars
  7. bonestell 4 - Soviet Radio
  8. bonestell 5 - Pioneer 1
  9. main 1 v2
  10. main 2 Komputer
  11. main 3 Physical Plant
  12. main 4 Morlock
  13. main 5 Morlock II
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The Bones of FebruaryThe Bones of February
The last album of material collected. Had I pursued releasing these any of the music from the project on CD, then it likely would have started with this album. Many of these tracks are my favourites from the project overall (or, so far...)

The Bones of February track list:

  1. augenfarbe
  2. revelator
  3. snopes
  4. selfish
  5. interrogation2-final
  6. spirit oil
  7. the machineries of joy
  8. the wizard of mars
  9. my spaceship doesn't like you pt 1
  10. miasmic frenulum 2
  11. konerstrasse2
  12. no time for nomadic machines
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Comb FilterComb Filter
Collected tracks that didn't fit on any of the other albums.

Comb Filter track list:

  1. they just hovered there above the trees
  2. bridge too
  3. 5 Fingers Where There Used To be 4
  4. warble menace drone v2
  5. custom bruising
  6. dark world mk2
  7. phome third pass
  8. my spaceship doesn't like you pt 2
  9. five ways to a threeway
  10. the case thief
  11. theta brain-wave patterns
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